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Sanibel Surf
Sanibel Surf
Diptych on two panels
Total width 48" x 36"
on canvas-wrapped stretchers 2 1/2" deep.

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Mural: Great White Landing
Great White Landing Mural 8' x 6' Acrylic on Latex

Tarpon Ibis
Tarpon Ibis
Mural 60" x 67", oil on canvas mounted to shaped hardboard. Shown here prior to niche installation.
Tarpon Landings Triptych - Left
Tarpon Landings Triptych - Center
Tarpon Landings Triptych - Right
Tarpon Landing Triptych
Mural 47" x 37" each panel, oil on canvas mounted to shaped hardboard. Shown here prior to niche installation.
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Renaissance Sunrise
Renaissance Sunrise
Mural 10' high by 12' wide. Arylic over laytex shown with the artist in clients' private FL home.
OBriens with Jackson
Above: Fort Myers, FL. March 13, 08. Brenda and Tom OBrien with Jeanine Jackson. Photo by Christine OBrien.
Renaissance Sunrise represents a true collaboration between patrons Tom and Brenda OBrien and artist Jeanine Jackson. Inspiration was drawn from the Fort Myers home's mediterranean architecture and tropical surroundings as well as Italian master landscape art for color and general composition. Once 10" x 12" preliminary color studies were approved, Jackson began work to scale with ladder, scaffold, buckets, and large brushes. The scene draws heavily from the surrounding views and Brenda helped to "landscape" the mural with favorites from her garden including a variety of spectacular orchids. Eventually, Jackson moved smaller amounts of paint onto a palette and use smaller brushes for details. Tom supplied numerous photos of local wildlife that found their way into the painting including Beatthe Gator, egrets, osprey, ibis, and blue heron. After fifty hours on the wall over a period of three weeks, tape and dropcloths were removed to reveal the finished painting. Brenda observed, "It feels like we could just walk into it. We are going to enjoy this for years to come."
Listed on in Scenic Artists in Connecticut
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